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  • Lisa Bluedeer

How Does a Remote Healing Work?

Remote healings DO work!!

Here's why.....

In remote energy healing, sometimes called distance shamanic healing, we are able to reach the dimensions where the healing work takes place more quickly and efficiently . The memories, patterns, thoughts and beliefs that we seek to heal and upgrade are stored in the sub conscious mind and in other dimensions of our Being.

The healing of ancestral patterns, toxic beliefs, issues such as anxiety, depression or chronic pain show up as symptoms in the physical body, but the causes are rooted in your energy field, chakras, etheric and astral bodies to name a few.

When we meet in person it is necessary to honor the physical body. Physical bodies are dense and require attention in the 3rd dimension where the body resides. We tend to want to use the mind to heal issues and problems we seek to change were created in the first place and it doesn't work very well.

Most often people seek shamanic healing work because they want to change long standing patterns that are keeping them stuck. Healing toxic relationships, problems with addictions, experiencing chronic sense of overwhelm and the inability to relax are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and your energy fields. You can not use your mind to change them. I bet you have tried.

Remote healing work allows us to go more directly to the cause of your issues, clean up the chakras, energy bodies and upgrades your consciousness. Likely you have tried many things that try to use your intellect or to alter your physical body to no avail.

The majority of the session you will have your eyes closed: the results or success of the work will correlate with the depth we are able to reach together to see your issues and patterns. We will establish a sacred container for grounding, clarity and protection and off we Go! So being present physically is not necessary and can slow us down. The body needs lots of care and reassurance so remotely we can go more directly to your higher self, your unconscious mind where the healing occurs.

Is it necessary to meet in person for shamanic healing?

Definitely not! I've worked with 99% of my clients remotely for several years now and find it can be more effective than doing energy healing work in person. Working remotely we set up a sacred shamanic healing container and get right to work to find the causes in your energy field that are holding you in stuck patterns in order to upgrade your life and align you with your natural Divine blueprint so you enjoy your life.


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