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About Lisa Bluedeer

I feel much more aligned, spacious and present.

K.O. Vienna, Austria

I feel lighter, clearer as well as some physical disharmonies have lessened or disappeared entirely. 

L.M. Los Angeles, California

I’ve noticed a subtle, yet powerful change in my response to emotional drama. 

S.R., Boulder Colorado


In 1990 I crossed paths with my first Shamanic teacher on the island of Kauai, and thus began a lifelong journey into the study of Shamanic healing.

I studied Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism) for several years, completing advanced Shamanic training on Kauai, as well as bringing my teacher to the mainland to do training in Austin.

About the same time, I began studying with Jose and Lena Stevens (The PowerPath) and have been blessed to make pilgrimages to train with indigenous Shamans in the Amazon jungle with the Shipibo; the Q’ero at the top of the Andes of Peru; the Huichols in Mexico and three different Shamans around Guatemala. I've been blessed to learn from these holy people in their homelands and sacred sites which provided me with a foundation for sharing my shamanic healing work.

Over the past eight years I have delved deeply into Mystery School training, recalling my lineage as a Priestess of Isis in Egypt. The Mystery Schools in Egypt taught Jesus the skills he needed to accomplish the Resurrection. More importantly to my personal life and healing work is the counterbalance ~ my initiation with the Divine Feminine healing lineage of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

I've traveled to India to study Breathwork at the Babaji Ashram. Babaji will always be at the center of my practice, as He is the Maha avatar who was Jesus' teacher during his learning years in India.

I've studied Conscious Breathwork extensively with Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr, the founders of modern-day Breathwork practices.

I've studied numerous healing and energy practices such as Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and BodyTalk. 

I spent more than two decades healing myself from a most difficult childhood which included the loss of my parents when I was a toddler, being left in the care of a grandmother who was dealing with advanced alcoholism and a long familial history of abuse, addiction and trauma.

I believe I created these experiences to make me the person I am today. I know they have given me a unique ability to help others work through their issues and find true joy and divine purpose in this beautiful life we have been given.

Using healing tools and ritual from my shamanic studies and training, I'd be delighted to work with you to clear the thoughts, patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck so you can move forward, living your fullest and most empowered life.

I would be truly honored to assist you along your path.

With Love and Big Blessings,

Lisa Bluedeer

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