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How will a private healing session benefit me?


A private healing session~

  • allows you to go deeply into the issues that are holding you back, keeping you in repetitive behaviors and relationships that are not working so well

  • remove emotional, spiritual and physical blocks in the layers of your energy fields while balancing and healing the aura and chakra layers to remove any patterns or beliefs that are no longer in resonance or serving your highest good

  • leaves you feeling lighter, more harmonious and authentically empowered to live your life and experience your gifts to the fullest capacity

A session includes the use of numerous powerful Shamanic “tools” such as drumming, shamanic journeying, rattle and feather work, singing of icaros (sacred songs that unlock patterns and reweave your energy field back into balance) extractions, soul retrieval that work to balance your energy bodies. 

This work is for you if you are ready to release the blocks to your happiness and success, transcend old physical and emotional injuries and patterns in your body.

1 Hour Session: $200

½ Hour Session: $100

How it Works~

Shamanic healing work is very focused on intention. When you commit to working with me it is not uncommon for the work to begin, so thinking about your intention, what you wish to gain from the healing session is helpful.

When your session begins, we will discuss what you are working on and what you would like to heal and then the magic begins. I will open the sacred container with a Blessing and then work with your Essence, your higher self, to work on what you are ready to heal.

As an advanced shamanic practitioner, combined with my own intuitive gifts and mystery school training, I've spent decades learning from indigenous shamans and elders. Through direct experience in ceremony, ritual and training with them in their home lands and sacred sites I have developed a powerful and effective modality to help you Become more Yourself so you will be present and empowered to enjoy your life and make a difference for others in theirs.

Call or email Lisa Bluedeer for more information or to schedule a private healing session.

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