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  • Lisa Bluedeer

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides & Power Animals

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Our spirit guides and power animals are available to help us receive guidance and lead us to reach our full potential. It's not a question of where to find your spirit animal, or if you have one. Allies in the Spirit world are all around us if we pay attention. The most important thing is to remain open and aware of your surroundings and that's when your life-changing encounter may occur. I recently experienced a personal encounter with one my spirit animals.

Yesterday I went hiking in the forest on a friend's land. She was showing me a potential parcel on which I might be able to build my new green cottage. We visited her beautiful gardens and greenhouse that are starting to produce this year's bounty of peppers, tomatoes, squash, and much more. She showed me her medicine wheel, artistically designed with many healing herbs and plants. All of these plants offer wonderful medicinal properties and benefits which are utilized in healing ceremonies.

We hiked around the land looking at all the amazing things she's created there before heading toward her art studio in the woods. We crossed a small meadow and caught sight of what appeared to be a dead hawk. As we approached her, she raised her head and we could see it was a wild turkey with her hatchlings gathered underneath her for protection.

My friend, the turkey and I were all stunned to see each other and each quickly shifted into deep observation mode, assessing what our interaction would mean to us in our immediate lives and near future.

Turkey has been a power animal for me for many years. I have turkey feathers on my healing altar and thank Turkey Spirit when I do shamanic healing work. When I began a shamanic apprenticeship ten years ago, I was given a Huichol healing tool called a muviari that was made with wild turkey feathers. I cried tears of joy when I received that powerful gift of turkey spirit medicine. It impacted me deeply and I knew in my heart that it was an ally for me to grow and learn from, to listen to. Coming upon turkey the day I was looking at land opened a whole new perspective for me to contemplate and journey with to get more clarity on my land hunting project. It knew it was a message from Spirit to pause and pay attention to what messages or guidance might be available to me.

Back to our encounter...

Mama turkey stood up and her chicks ran for cover in the trees. She quickly advanced toward us, wings fully expanded to warn us against coming near her or her young. She was majestic as she utilized every ounce of her focus, strength and power to protect what she held most dear and important in her life - her babies.

I realized the medicine of the turkey that day was meant to guide me to open my wings and have faith to pursue what I wanted. It gave me clarity and focus to move forward to find the home I so want to create, and to be open to the possibilities of what magic lay ahead. It is very important to offer deep gratitude for these gifts and then open the field of possibility to receive more help and guidance.

Do you want to know your spirit guide?

Simply pay attention to what Spirit puts on your path. The crux of living a shamanic way of life is to be open and fully present to what life presents to us at all times. Start by taking action steps toward what you want to create in your life and then slow down, relax and listen to available guidance.

Later we can journal, meditate or do a shamanic journey to explore the deeper meanings of what our power animals have to offer us in the way of guidance, advice or better ways to live your life. The encounter I've shared here, with my spirit animal out in the wild, confirmed for me that I was on the right path and to trust myself and the magic that is possible with our Power Animals guidance.

What deserves more attention in your life?

What animals, birds or nature elements have shown up on your path lately? Paying attention to what Spirit puts on your path is a powerful means to live a more abundant, awakened and peaceful life. I'd be delighted to work with you if you would like to explore this more fully in your own life.

Lisa Bluedeer is a shamanic practitioner, intuitive healer and spiritual counselor with 30 years experience helping others clear the blocks and traumas holding them back. She assists you to find your divine blueprint and live your true life's path with more freedom and joy. Contact Lisa today to learn more about your spirit guides and how to communicate with your power animals!


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