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  • Lisa Bluedeer

How Shamanic Healing Work Can Help with Depression~part 2

One of the biggest fears when we feel depressed or anxious is that it's never going to go away, that it's never going to get better. The aching feelings of despair feel ominous and permanent and suck all the energy we have to be present in our lives.

The Shamanic path is about becoming alert and aware, landing deeply in the present moment. It's been said that depression is being stuck in the past and anxiety is being stuck in the future. Shamanic healing techniques are about helping you bring awareness into the present moment and moving more into observation mode.

If you can lean into the feelings a little bit with the energy healing techniques I'm going to share here, you will almost certainly get a hold of your thoughts and begin to FEEL Better right away.

There is no need to try to change your mind or how you feel right now for this to give you quick relief!

Begin to notice your thoughts just as they are, and gently bring your hands to your heart.

Begin to take in a few breathes and allow your thoughts to BE where they are. There is no need to change them or try to push them away.

As you inhale the breath, you bring Light Force into your lungs. You are drawing Spirit into your Heart. Within a few breaths you will likely notice a shift in your perspective.

Most all of the world's great spiritual traditions recognize the breath as Spirit, as Source Energy, God, Higher Self or whatever feels comfortable for you to call it.

From the shamanic standpoint, you are calling Spirit into your heart, and receiving Spirit's help to balance and align your energy bodies where they are stuck. It is Law, it will Happen.

The simple act of bringing your hands to your heart, taking in a few breaths and allowing yourself to be exactly where you are changes your heart coherence field to the POSITIVE flow of emotions.

Your heart field is stimulated and in turn activates all the good brain chemicals.

The DOSE chemicals~ dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, epinephrine begin to flood into your body and then raises your vibration so you Feel Better Immediately!!

It's very simple and easy and it works every time!

Please take comfort in knowing that we are in some of the most challenging months that humanity has ever faced on this planet. Since last April the planets have aligned (or opposed) to cause a shake up in our psyches like nothing we have never known in the history of human beings on Earth.

It's tough out there right now and these challenging times can be remedied, to a great degree, by gently bringing our attention to our hearts, allowing ourselves to be right where we are and taking a few breaths.

It may sound overly simple, but you know what, most Good things are if you really think about it.

When you allow the thoughts to just be, the act of breathing into them creates an alchemical process that shifts brain chemicals and feelings of depression or anxiety within minutes.

This is a first step intro into brain remapping, shamanic healing techniques and energy medicine that is one of the most powerful things I have learned.

If you would like to learn more ways to upgrade how you feel and to experience a Lighter life I'd be delighted to help you.

You can raise your vibration to feel better, deepen your connection to Source, and ultimately to Yourself.

I would be honored to help you with that path to healing and restoring the Light back into your life.

So Many Blessings and Much Big Love,

Next week we'll talk about Shamanic energy medicine, prayers and blessings to the Spirit of the South on the Medicine Wheel. These shamanic healing techniques will help shift your perspective and transform your ability to manifest health, rich relationships and abundance.

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