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  • Lisa Bluedeer

Self Nourishment 101: What's on your plate?

Seems like everyone I talk to is focused on food in one way or another. People are trying to cleanse, loose weight, get stronger or detox. Heck, one of my best buddies is trying her best to gain weight, and she has birthed four babies!

The shamanic way of life is to be fully present in the moment, engaged in life with ease and what you put in your mouth is one the the greatest contributors to creating mental clarity, a feeling of groundedness and relaxation in your life!

Personally, my goal is to loose the weight I've slowly added over the past few years, but more importantly it's about getting better mental clarity, building more strength, feeling vitality and deepening my connection to Spirit.

The most common reason people come for healing work is to get help with lack of focus, lethargy, feeling stagnated and a lack of direction. Other things that are rampant are feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

Yesterday I was talking to a nurse friend here in the Gorge. She said that the most common thing she hears from patients is that they want anti-depressants prescribed, and even more frequently, that they want new scripts because they don't feel their current medications or dosages are working anymore.

In a million years I DO NOT mean to make light of anyone experiencing anxiety or depression! I've suffered it with it myself and have deep compassion for those enduring this pain.

BUT, what I want to say.....

What I want to shout from the roof tops is that what can affect your moods quicker and energy level more permanently than anything else is what you put into your mouth! Your Food intake!

Putting the correct foods into your body will level your physiology, glucose levels, stress hormones and all the good brain chemicals that bring us relaxation and bliss.

My mantra this year is to teach everything I have learned about Self Care and Self Love and there will be a focus on how Food is central to self care. Personally, The Whole 30 eating plan speaks to me in a way I can get fully on board with and follow through.

Do you have an eating plan that suits your body well? Would you like to find out what food powers your body the best?

In mid March I will take another group through a 30 day cleanse that will be fun, empowering and healing for your body, mind and Spirit! Please email me for more details!

Future blogs will go into more depth and unpack ideas and concepts from my Shamanic tool bag and all the modalities I have studied to help you to love yourself more, care for yourself better and Be more in alignment with Spirit. You can live a life that flows and supports you!

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