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  • Lisa Bluedeer

Ready for a Winter Cleanse? Self Nourishment 101: Whole 30, Self Love Reset 'n Reboot

I'm super excited to start the first Whole 30 based Self Nourishment 101 class next Monday Jan 13.

I have long wanted to offer a class integrating the Whole 30 eating plan to reset our physiology along with shamanic and mystery school techniques and practices to manage your energy.

We'll have a weekly live call that will include group healing work, drumming, journey work, meditations and best of all tools you can use to integrate into you daily practices to help navigate the intensity of the year to come.

The Whole 30 offers the most sensible and easy to follow plan I have found. The book is a wonderful resource of how to reset the body, recipes and tips to make changing your eating habits easy.

I love the Whole 30 because it is a straightforward and no nonsense, very helpful way to reset your physiology and make lasting changes in your relationship with food.

We'll also learn the latest science about how the brain works and techniques I have used and refined to help you change your relationship to food, upgrade your eating habits and find Food Freedom.

Food Freedom means relief from the nagging bother of cravings, mindless overeating and continually making the wrong food choices. This way of eating promises to:

~reduce anxiety/depression

~reduce inflammation that is the root of all dis-ease

~help regulate metabolism and balance hormones

~improve sleep, balance your moods and feel more energized

If you would like a big upgrade in your health and more importantly how you feel each day I hope you will join us. It will be fun to go through this Winter Cleanse with the support of a group! The live calls will be full of lots of information and healing work.

Email me with any questions.

I would love it of you would join us Jan 13.

Cost $99

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