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  • Lisa Bluedeer

July's Wild Ride

Hang onto your hats all you seekers of Light! July ushers us into a celestially orchestrated passion play that's sure to challenge your fortitude and emotional strength.

We have eclipses on the new and full moons, plus Mercury in retrograde is lined up to shake the rafters, rattle your bones and rock most of what you think you know.

If you recall last summer's eclipse season and the ensuing shake up/clean up it necessitated then you have an idea of what's in the ethers for a repeat performance this summer.

This cosmic alignment is designed to open us up. It requires us to find our deepest frozen parts and heal them to shift out old paradigms and patterns holding us back, keeping us stuck in the old beliefs and ways of doing things.

Of course Spirit designed this cosmic moment so we rise to the Light that is here on the planet now awaiting us to raise our frequency to meet it.

We are in the direction South now on the Medicine Wheel which is also the season of summer. It's a good idea to garner support by gathering together in community. Singing, drumming and sharing stories bring us into our hearts and raise our vibrations.

There is potentially alot of inner turmoil as we process through feeling inadequate, being less than and the old not deserving chaotic programs.

As a counter practice it's a good idea to write down 2 or 3 things you would like to achieve this month. Use this list to redirect your attention to the end result you want when you get sidetracked in the mileu. Make a vision board of the projects you want to accomplish or write out the goals and put them on your alter.

It is important to be very clear with what you want your life to look like in regards to your relationships, work life, home environment and please put your self care at the top of the list!

What will you do for fun? How will you nurture your body and your heart? What tools do you have to stay centered and grounded to weather this storm?

Many Blessings to You!! I am sending you lots of Love, Peace and Rich Abundance to all the gifts available to you. And, as always, if I can be of any help to you, I would be honored to do so. email to schedule a session

In Light and Joy, Lisa

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