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  • Lisa Bluedeer

November Full Moon~

Uh-oh! This weeks full moon is gonna be a doozey! It’s likely to bring up some of our oldest patterns in ways that even the most centered of us will be thrown off kilter. (Un)Fortunately the heavens are aligned to throw us curve balls designed to unsettle and shake up the stuff we have buried and tried to hide. So hold on….

Often our oldest hurts often have to do with the Mother, how we were mothered and how we mother or nurture ourselves.

I went on a girls camping trip to the Oregon Coast this weekend and pretty much all the deeper conversations had to do with some aspect of mother and/or relationships with family, and people closest to us.

We spoke about how we were mothered (or not), how we have chosen relationships time and again trying to get the mothering or nurturing our own mothers couldn’t give us…..and how those choices have steered the course of our lives.

Now, it is up to us to learn how to nurture ourselves on a deeper level than we have ever known before. There is tremendous benefit for us to go into the hidden patterns to heal the divine feminine.

This summer I spent a week in British Colombia learning shamanic ritual in the African Bwiti tradition. I learned how to completely reorient the 2nd chakra, our feminine expression center, by accessing the sacred techniques of the Divine Feminine.

There are many shamanic tools and rituals to help birth new possibilities in ourselves. One of the best ways is to clear and heal our 2nd chakras. Also, woking with the relationship between the 2nd and 3rd chakras to align the masculine/feminine balance in ourselves.

The energy this week offers us a way through these challenges.

Learning and practicing balance with the sacred feminine healing techniques teaches us to respond differently and helps us make the proverbial lemonade out of this crazy full moon energy by choosing to allow our sensuality and passion to emerge while at the same time grounding and dancing into our sacred feminine. 

I wish you the greatest hope and peace on your journey in this challenging week. If issues around the Mother/Feminine, Balance and getting cleared and centered to feel deeply rooted and make better choices on your path I’d be honored to work with you.

Shamanic healing work clears your various energy systems to align with the intense, new Light that is here now on the planet to help us all.

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