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Shamanic Healing Announcement

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Happy Fall Equinox and Full Moon

I’m so excited to be back after a 2 year sabbatical since selling Fairy Glen Farm in Boulder. Many of you worked with me privately in the past or have been to a sweat lodge or ceremony at the farm. I have been on a deeply personal healing exploration, honing and deepening my healing skills so that I can bring those forth to help you..(more on my journey later..)

In celebration of my return to healing work I want to offer some special rates for everyone to get back on track this fall. Most everyone has said navigating this summer’s eclipse season with so many planets in retrograde left them feeling completely unraveled. Are you feeling like there is something very important for you to know or do and you can’t figure out what it is? Do you feel out of sorts and more or less rudderless? You are not alone!

Are you ready to get your mojo back on track for a more fulfilling end of 2018? If so, let’s go for it and do some shamanic healing work to get you into alignment with the energies that are here to help us.

The Fall Equinox ushers us into a new season that naturally calls for slowing down, going inside, and assimilating what we are ready to heal.

It’s a perfect time to do shamanic healing work!

I would love to be of service to you and help you come back into alignment stronger, feeling more grounded and seeing things more clearly. Hit me up for a healing session here and let’s get to work. I hope to hear from you soon. Big Love and Blessings, Lisa

Blog by Lisa Bluedeer- Shamanic practitioner, intuitive healer with 30 yrs experience studying Peruvian shamanism with the Q'ero in the Andes and Shipibo in the Amazon jungle, the Huichol and Huna or Hawaiian Shamanism.

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