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  • Lisa Bluedeer

New Roses, New Roses, New Roses~

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

The energy of this month is mostly about inner work which is funny because this may be the most social month of the year. Holiday celebrations, family gatherings, neighborhood get togethers, school events, office parties, volunteering (oh my!) throw us into situations with people we might find…um, how do I say this politely? Oh heck with etiquette, they can darn near rub us raw!

I was at a luncheon the other day which was designed for each person to share a little about themselves and what they did so we could get to know one another. There was one person who dominated about a third of the meeting singing philosophical about how great they are. ARGHH!!

I felt totally triggered and a little bullied by their selfishness to take up so much time but mostly because I wanted to hear what the dozen or so other people there had to share.

As I sat there fuming I remembered a little technique I read recently that suggested how to turn your merciless, aggravating thoughts into a little game and begin thinking the words New Roses!! 

(Sounds a little like the word neurosis, doesn’t it?)

By mentally repeating this little ditty of a phrase we can we literally raise our vibration and change the frequency of the room!

New Roses, New Roses, New Roses! Sounds silly but let’s look a little deeper. 

Roses are said to be the highest vibration on Earth. They are the symbols for the Divine healing energy of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Their scent is often referred as Divine! Heaven on Earth.

The word new creates a sense of freshness and inspires a turn over what our current thoughts are.

Words are the essence of God Source in the physical and imagining high vibration images in our mind is proven to shift our awareness and elevate our thoughts and perceptions.

This is what a shaman does for the tribe. They pay attention and through self discipline and calm observation they find ways to raise the vibration of what is causing ill to themselves, their client, the tribe and therefore the collective.

As we do this in our own lives we shift our perspectives, we redirect our minds to a place of more personal peace and calm.

Give the New Roses mantra a try when you find yourself in stressful situations or interactions this month. It will raise your vibration and create new neuropathways in your brain that support loving thoughts.

There are many wonderful books and courses on this subject and but DOING your own personal work through experiencing it is the only real way to create change in your life.

This month there is a tremendous opportunity to shift your own energy field and clear the patterns that cause these triggers in the first place. Sound good? You game??

Awesome! I am here to help you in any way I can.

I would love to be of service to you and help you come back into alignment stronger, feeling more grounded and seeing things more clearly. Email me to schedule a healing session and let's get you back on track. I hope to hear from you soon.

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